GAENUS + M2P Pattern Crete

The Project: The Knit Project is a genderless, seasonless capsule collection by M2P and Gænus Studio. The items were born out of a collaborative, multi-disciplinary process, based on research, design and a shared aesthetic. Who we worked with: Metoo is a team of designers based in Athens. They specialise in visual communication, with an emphasis on cultural research. Metoo has collaborated with important institutions and artists, participated in exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has received a variety of distinctions. In recent years, the team has been creating motifs and characters inspired by Greek tradition, and has been applying them to everyday objects. They have put this new vision into practice by combining graphics, design and modern technology with traditional production methods. Their objective is to revive the various motifs found in Greek culture through a contemporary viewpoint and to incorporate them into everyday life. These archetypical pieces are reinvented into unique items, by applying the jacquard technique to bring the M2P “Crete” pattern to life. The Crete pattern is based on embroideries and other shapes to be found in ceramics of the Aegean islands.

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