About us

Gænus originates from the combination of two Greek words.
genos: the biological term that defines the type of life according to DNA
Gæa: the ancient greek word of mother earth which symbolises the human substance and origins of humans from earth. 
We are a womenswear’s brand currently based in London.
In our Tottenham studio we research and develop all our ideas. We embrace cultural pluralism and draw inspiration from traditional techniques and primitive ways of making.

Craftsmanship is a by nature primal art form strongly connected with social identity. We conceive it as a conceptual bridge between the person’s origins and the person’s subjective vestimental choices which reflect their social identity and define the culture that shapes it.

Our aim is to bring a product to you with all these values encoded and create a space of dialogue. Our production is divided between Greece and UK. We use materials that make a primeval reference to the history of clothing and we reinvent them by creating new forms and textures by combining old and new methods of making.

Our aim is to bring human again in the epicentre of human activity through the whole cycle of production and contribute by helping greek communities in the revival of dying traditions and artistry.